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If you have come to this website, then you already know that you might need an attorney to assist you in your personal injury claim. You have been injured, you believe that your injury is the result of someone else's negligence, and you are now curious as to whether you can handle this by yourself or whether you should seek legal counsel.


The first thing to consider is that the party you believe was at fault for your injury has insurance coverage which means that someone is involved in the process assisting him or her. When this insurance company or business or legal representative of the at-fault party call you, no matter what they say, they are not your friend, they are not intent on helping you and they definitely do not have your best interest in mind.


The second thing to consider is that by seeking out a personal injury attorney, you will not be charged with any fee or up-front money. There is no charge for your initial consultation and if the attorney takes your case, it will be handled on a contingent fee basis, which means that if there is no recovery, you owe nothing. So, as you can see, there is no downside to calling an attorney to consider your case.


The third thing to consider is to call the Law Offices of David S. Greene, LLC. I have nearly 45 years of experience in handling personal injury cases. I have handled all types of cases, from auto collisions, to train wrecks, slip and fall, defective products, medical malpractice, police misconduct, federal and state negligence claims and wrongful death claims. I look out for the best interests of my clients and work to get results as quickly as the circumstances will permit. The bottom line is that when the insurance company becomes stubborn in the negotiation process and makes an offer that is below the value of the case, I have no qualms or reluctance about filing suit for my clients.

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Lastly, I surround myself with other attorneys in my office suite who are experienced and are available to assist me in handling my litigation cases. The fact that you might have two or three attorneys working on your case does not affect your contingent fee agreement with my office but provides you with the legal representation that will produce the best legal result under the factual circumstances of your case.


I have said it before, and I will say it again, the call to the Law Offices of David S. Greene is the most important call you can make following a personal injury.


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